The Business Case

7 reasons why PayPoint is the best and most cost-effective choice for cash payment collection in the Energy sector:

  1. Turnkey solutions for every requirement
    Whether simple barcoded bill or card, smart card, token sales or keypad PIN delivery, PayPoint offers them all.
  2. National network coverage
    Over 580 carefully-selected outlets, including credit unions and convenient, late-opening retail stores designed to deliver complete coverage of your customer base.
  3. High quality customer service 
    Friendly local service provided by fully trained, equipped and supported retail agents. Receipts given for all transactions. 
  4. Proven business process
    Smooth processing operation 365 days a year, either online or delivering customer payment data offline next day, both with secure settlement of funds within five days.
  5. Excellent funds security record
    Rigorous financial agent accreditation and stringent credit control procedures minimise agent bad debt experience – one of the lowest in the financial sector.
  6. Low cost payment processing
    High transaction volumes in both the UK and Ireland permit reduced transaction fees.
  7. Dedicated sector management
    All clients receive the benefit of a PayPoint account manager responsible for all aspects of service delivery.