Retailers Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a PayPoint Agent?

If your store is well located, offers good customer service and long opening hours we may be able to offer you a PayPoint agency. You can apply by calling 1800 923 259 or email your details to

Do I need to pay anything for a PayPoint terminal?

No. There is no fee and the terminal, signage and even till rolls are provided free of charge. You will need to provide your own phone line.

What is the main benefit to me of having a PayPoint terminal in my store?

Having a PayPoint in your store enables you to give a valuable service to your local community that makes your store stand out from other stores in your area.  Not only will you attract additional customer footfall and greater customer loyalty, but you will also benefit from increased sales and higher basket spends. 

What commission do you pay?

PayPoint retailers earn variable commission rates from 1% to 25% per transaction.  We will give you more details when you apply.

Is the terminal difficult to use?

No. It’s very easy to use but we will give you and your staff some training when it’s installed. We always provide training materials whenever new services or processes are introduced.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. This is for your own protection as well as ours.

Can I charge customers for using the PayPoint terminal?

No. PayPoint services are free to customers and charging is prohibited in your contract.